December 17, 2017


Reggie Dabbs

Reggie Dabbs is fortunate to be alive. His mom was a pregnant, unmarried teen with no where to go. Her home was a rickety Louisiana chicken coop until she remembered a former teacher who once said, “…If you ever need anything, call me.” Well, she called. And with that, her former teacher, Mrs. Dabbs, picked up the terrified teen and brought her to her home in Tennessee. The Dabbs’ family adopted Reggie in the 4th grade. To date, Reggie has spoken to well over a million struggling teens offering them encouragement and hope for the future. He lives in Ft. Myers, Florida with his wife, Michele, and their son Dominic.

Worship Leaders

Moe Badger &Christian Rainville

Moe Badger – Moe is a husband, father, worship leader and cop. While he has led worship with the likes of Donnie McClurkin, Juanita Bynum, Michael W. Smith and Bebe and Cece Winans, Moe believes God also wants him to help build and heal relationships between Buffalo police officers and the people they serve.

Christian Rainville – Christian is a worship leader at the Tabernacle in Orchard Park. He is a husband, father, and accomplished singer/songwriter who is passionate about his call. Christian is dedicated to building worship teams and training future leaders to serve in God’s Kingdom.

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Jim & Jill Kelly