Q: Who can attend Church at the Game?

Everyone is welcome to attend!  Church at the Game is a family-friendly non-denominational worship service that is designed to offer people of all ages an opportunity to worship God on Sundays prior to Buffalo Bills home games.

Q: How much does it cost?

Save your money for the football game!  Church at the Game is a free event, and no one will ever ask you to give money to help support it.  Since it happens just outside of New Era field, you do NOT need a game ticket to attend!  Note:  Parking near the stadium can vary from $10-$30 dollars.  We recommend car-pooling as much as possible!

Q: How should I dress? 

Dress as if you are preparing to attend a professional football game.  You may need to remove your hat or coat once you arrive.  The temperature inside AdPro Sports Training facility is climate controlled. 

Q: How do you describe an event like this to family or friends?

Just like NFL players have access to Chapel services prior to games, Church at the Game is a community event that offers fans an opportunity to attend a Chapel service as well.

Q: How long does it last?

Church at the game will begin promptly at 9:45am and conclude by 10:45am.

Q: What if I (or my children) need to use the restroom during the service?

There are clean public restrooms inside the AdPro Sports Training facility just a few steps from where we will be meeting for worship. 

Q: What time do the doors open? 

The AdPro Sports Training Facility opens at 9:30am.  Come early and enjoy the “Fan Zone” Experience, or stay afterwards.  The service happens in the same building as all of the “Fan Zone” activities.

Q: Will I see any Buffalo Bills up close?

The Buffalo Bills will be inside the stadium preparing for their football game. However, you will have the unique opportunity to worship with a number of former Bills players, including Jim Kelly and his wife, Jill.

Q: Can I bring friends?

Absolutely!  Bring as many family members, friends and co-workers as possible!  We want everyone to experience Church at the Game!

Q: Where do I find directions to Church at the game?

Simple!  Just look for the map (and directions) on our website www.catg.wshein.com